dentalinsurDental insurance is a specific form of health insurance designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with you dental care. There are several different types of dental insurance plans including individual dental insurance, family dental insurance or group dental insurance. From there, these types of dental insurance are grouped into three primary categories: (1) Indemnity (or sometimes called: true dental insurance or free choice of dentist) that allows you to see any dentist you want who accepts dental insurance; (2) Preferred Provider Network dental plans (PPO); and (3) Dental Health Managed Organizations (DHMO) in which you are assigned to an in-network dentist and/or in-network dental office and use the dental benefits in that network.

Generally, dental offices have a fee schedule, or a list of prices for the dental services or procedures they offer and how your dental insurance will work. Dental insurance companies have similar fee schedules which is generally based on Usual and Customary dental services, an average of fees for services in your area. The fee schedule is commonly used as the transactional instrument between the insurance company, dental office and/or dentist, and the consumer. Ameri Quote provides key Colorado health plan information in a side-by-side comparison document so you can view a variety of plans at a glance based on personal needs and budget. Ameri Quote guarantees our insurance agents will quote you the lowest premiums available and assure you continued competitive pricing year after year.