Estate planning did not come about with one person in mind, estate planning is made for everyone. Regardless of how much, or how little you have, you have an estate. When an individual passes away, their estate – home, car, savings and banking accounts – are given out. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since you can’t take any of this with you once you’ve passed, but knowing that it’s happening, we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to designate who those belongings go to.

If you’ve lived in Fort Collins for a while, then you know that our small quaint town is quickly becoming one of the most common towns that people are moving to. Because of that, the worth of homes and local businesses are quickly rising. When instances like this happen, the benefits of estate planning may become even more apparent. Other than mere planning and ensuring that your belongings are distributed as you’d like, here are a few more of the benefits you’ll find when you start your estate planning.

  • Take control over how your estate is managed and distributed.
  • Have estate and benefits for your heirs.
  • Avoid probate and protect your privacy in the long run.
  • Reduce, or completely get rid of, any estate taxes you have.
  • Designate who can act on your behalf if you are unable to act on your own.

Estate planning isn’t for certain people, it’s for everyone. Remember that regardless of your situation you have estate, and that in order to designate where that goes beyond your passing you need to take the time to sit down and begin the process. If you have yet to plan for the future of your estate, contact Ameri Quote and speak with one of our team members today.