In our previous blog, we charted out why it is financially sound to attract top talent and retain them through offering better health insurance and other employer-paid benefits. There are still yet other reasons why benefits are a sound investment in your business’ future, as well as the future of your employees.

Obvious, Overlooked Benefits of Health Insurance

dreamstime_xxl_7448660Healthy Employees

Okay, obviously. Think about it this way, though: If you offer a crummy, bottom-of-the-barrel health insurance plan, are your employees going to go to the doctor when they might be sick? Will they go for preventative appointments, visit early for screenings, or be at all proactive about their health care? Maybe, but probably not. If your current health insurance has a high deductible or has other restrictive options that prevent employees from going to the doctor regularly, then odds are they will not. This is a problem because issues that go uncaught are far more likely to lead to decreased productivity and increased time spent away from work.

If you offer a great health insurance plans, you can encourage employees to go to the doctor when ill or whenever a member of their family becomes ill. Not only will these quick appointments help to keep your employees healthy, increasing productivity and decreasing time spent out of the office, but it will also make them happier. One of the largest reasons for stress in the country is medical debt, and preventing large medical debts with better benefits makes your employees less stressed, which also increases their productivity and loyalty to the company.

Culture is Contagious

Your employees talk about you – a lot. Whether they’re saying great things to new hires, welcoming them into their new work environment with open arms or complaining in hushed voices around the water cooler, you can expect that your company culture is created from the bottom up, and is incredibly contagious. Creating a great company culture requires a number of things, but certainly not least of all is offering people competitive salaries and benefits.

It’s hard to hate a job that pays well and keeps your family healthy; there really isn’t much more to it than this. One satisfied employee can help create a contagious company culture that increases work satisfaction, decreases turnover, and makes your life so much easier; a single dissatisfied employee can have the same impact, especially if they have a clear thing to point to, like a weak benefits package.

Next Steps

These days, every company wants to create a great company culture; it doesn’t come from ping-pong tables and kegerators in the office, it begins with truly competitive pay and benefits. If you invest in your employees by getting great group health insurance, they are far more likely to invest into your business. The next step for your business’ future is to invest in the health and happiness of your employees, starting with a better health insurance plan.

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