A Few Reasons Why You Should Make Obtaining Dental Insurance a Top Priority!

You’re young, you’re broke, and you brush your teeth two to three times a day. What’s the point of dental insurance. Sure, health insurance we get. Doctor checkups are necessary, who knows when the flu is going to strike next, and you’re twice-a-week pizza fix is probably not doing great things for your heart. Having good health insurance is something that has been ingrained in our psyche since the day that we were born and it’s not something a lot of us are planning on sacrificing anytime soon. With the dentist, however, we could have a little bit of wiggle room. I mean, hey, how much damage can a tooth problem really cause.

Well, quite a lot. Your teeth are the gateway to your soul and dental problems could cost you both healthwise, moneywise, and happiness-wise if gone unchecked. If you’re skimping out on dental insurance to save money in the short run, then you’re putting quite a sum on the front line. A lack of proper dental insurance can lead to thousands of dollars in costs down the road. Ameri Quote Insurance believes in ensuring that all people, and their mouths, are protected. Don’t fall victim to the throngs of dental problems caused by a lack of proper dental care.

It’s Not As Expensive As you Think

Imagine you’re out on the town, “trip” at the bar, and lose a few front teeth in the process. And, you don’t have health insurance. Either you pay the hefty cost for repair or you compromise that precious smile. These events are freak occurrences, but, unfortunately, they happen. A proper dental insurance plan can ensure you’re in and out of the dentist with a fresh set of chompers before your date next week while covering a huge portion of the cost. Additionally, most dental insurance plans are only around $350 a year, which is less than $30 a month, or two trays of pizza that we know you could sacrifice. Dental insurance isn’t an expensive investment, but it’s an important one.

Teeth and Gum Problems aren’t Something to Mess With

Bi-yearly trips to the dentist are designated to inspect your teeth and gums for potential health problems. These dental visits ensure that your teeth are free of problem cavities and that your mouth is protected from potential cavities with sealants. This quick and easy preventative dental care is essential in, well, preventing future problems with your mouth. Many dental health plans cover the full cost of checkups because they’re well aware that ensuring that larger problems don’t arise is going to save everybody money in the long run. Gum disease and tooth decay can cause a slew of issues far past costing money to fix.

As people age, their teeth and gums aren’t nearly as reliable as they were back when you were 25. Therefore, your mouth is much more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, it’s essential that you take the precautions now, such as checkups and protective sealants, to ensure that these common dental issues that accompany aging stay at bay. Mouth diseases, like most diseases, aren’t a quick fix. Gum disease isn’t something that you can effectively treat at home and you’ll need to visit the dentist or doctor multiple times. Tooth decay, or even small cavities, can also cost upwards of thousands to fix and aren’t something that should be left unchecked.

Happy Smile = Happy Social Life

Don’t let problems like tooth decay and gum problems affect your social life. While we’d love to say that people can get past a rotting smile and bad breath, we can’t. We also understand that forking up the extra couple dollars a month to insure your smile is burdensome, it’s worth the sacrifice.
Ameri Quote Insurance and Financial Services will always recommend that a person purchases dental insurance. Brushing and flossing regularly, while helpful, isn’t always going to save you. For a quote or to see a side-by-side comparison document of dental care options, contact us today! We’re committed to ensuring that Northern Colorado receives the care that they need to keep them healthy, and, more importantly, smiling!