Health insurance is expensive, but it is the more affordable option compared to paying for hospital, optometrist and dentist bills in full. These bills range anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. At Ameri Quote, we work hard to create a plan that is customized to your needs. We fully believe that working with us is better than falling into any of these penalties for not getting covered by insurance.


Fines are the primary penalty that you’ll be held to if you don’t have insurance. If you have a stable income and can afford some sort of coverage, then you will definitely get fined for not purchasing insurance. In 2014, the requirement to have health insurance became official for all adults and children, but there are exceptions for certain individuals. If you do not belong to one of those groups, then you need to have coverage or you will be fined.


Since 2014, the fine for not having coverage has gone up. In 2015, adults who were not covered had to pay a fee of $325 while children under the age of 18 would be fined $163. As a family, your fine could not exceed $975, or 2 percent of the family’s adjusted gross income. This year, we’re seeing a rise in those fines as well as a raise in percentage for the gross income.

From the health benefits that you need covered to the range of money that you’re looking to spend on your health insurance, the professionals at Ameri Quote will help tailor an insurance plan to your needs. Don’t fall into any of these penalties today when you could find everything you’re looking for, here at Ameri Quote.