We are Dedicated to Providing Hands-On Personal Service…

Ameri Quote Insurance delivers the complete package. We are direct business-to-consumer agency that provides web based insurance information to individuals, families, and small businesses alike.  Our online services provide you a comprehensive list of insurance companies where you can search and review the things that matter most to you.The world of health insurance is about to undergo some very dramatic changes. Do you know how to get the best deal on the one thing you can no longer go without?

If not, it’s time to contact Ameri Quote, the best local resource for Colorado health insurance plans in Fort Collins.

Ameri Quote is an independent insurance brokerage firm dedicated to providing hands-on, personalized insurance service. We collaborate with a variety of “A” rate carriers including Anthem Blue Cross, Humana Health Insurance, Aetna Insurance, United Healthcare and more. We work with businesses large and small, as well as individuals and families, and focus on affordable Colorado health options.

Ameri Quote believes in educating the consumer, above all else, helping them make the best decision about healthcare based on their lifestyle and budget. We conduct annual reviews of plans free of charge to make sure all our clients are still getting the best deal on the market. The options available in the health insurance market can be very confusing for consumers, so it’s critical to find a friendly resource to educate you about the best Colorado health plans available.