The new year calls for new adventures, but with that can come new accidents. Every year, individuals spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in medical bills. The costs of going to the doctor can be managed, but when an accident or emergency happens, that’s when the big bills come in. As we age, our bodies become more frail, making the damage done much more severe. Luckily, medicare takes this into consideration. What many people on Medicaid don’t know, however, is that this type of health insurance won’t cover all of their bills.

Now, this is where supplemental insurance plans come in. Ameri Quote Insurance in Fort Collins provides this type of knowledge to elderly individuals that are looking to extend the quality of their health insurance, for a more stable and reliable plan. Supplemental insurance plans allow for you to get coverage in places that Medicaid doesn’t cover. While this may seem like an added cost to your health insurance, when you think of the cost of those unexpected emergencies, the little bit it costs to add a supplement plan to your health insurance really makes a difference in regards to saving.

If your new year’s resolution is to take better care of yourself, start by making sure that your health insurance covers all angles. Make sure that you can prioritize yourself, and your health, this year by adding a supplemental package to your health insurance. Ameri Quote here in Fort Collins can provide you with all of the knowledge that you need to determine which package is best for you. Call Ameri Quote today!