Planning comes in many different forms and styles, which is why it is so important. Regardless of what type of planning you’re doing, it’s always nice to have advice, suggestions, and experiential knowledge. Otherwise, you might be making a huge mistake with your planning. For those of you looking to make a lifetime commitment with your planning, such as estate planning, our advisors know all of the “ins” and “outs” of this particular endeavor. What someone really wants when they are looking to maximize their savings with their home throughout their lifetime, is someone to do it for them. This takes a specialized agent to get the proper results that a person is looking for, which is why we highly recommend the retainment of one of our agents.

To establish and manage an estate planning in Fort Collins correctly, there must be designations and agreements, such as:

  1. An identity must be specifically designated

  2. The primary identity must be appropriately designated as the primary beneficiary

  3. The contingent beneficiary must be designated

  4. The contingent beneficiary is a person that’s designated to receive the estate’s worth if the primary beneficiary predeceases

  5. If the contingent beneficiary isn’t named, the default provision within the custodian-agreement then applies

  6. In terms of death, if the owner of the individual retirement account dies, the primary beneficiary should select their own beneficiaries

  7. For those with multiple accounts, the IRA’s assets can be divided between multiple beneficiaries

Our agents will appropriately process the arrangement of the disposal of your estate, just in case your life prematurely expires, which is what this process is all about. It’s about setting things straight in the instance of an abrupt predeceasing. This helps make things more clear for the beneficiaries and any other parties involved. It helps and aids in the clearing up of uncertainties. On a wider note, it helps optimize the value of an estate by reducing the taxes and keeping the estate’s worth at a high confidence level of potential purchase by third parties.