When looking for a supplemental insurance plan to accompany your Medicare, make sure you are consulting a source you can trust! At Ameri Quote Insurance, we can find the best plan for you by using the best practices possible. However, not everyone is guaranteed to be as honest as we are. Make sure you watch out for the following illegal practices:

  • Being pressured to switch plans or companies
  • Being sold a second Medigap policy when you have no intention of canceling the first
  • Being sold a Medigap policy when you already have Medicaid (this can depend on the situation)
  • Claiming that a supplemental insurance plan is included with Medicare
  • Claiming that any federal entity supports or suggests the purchase of Medigap
  • Lying about their identity and claiming to be a Medicare representative when they work for a private insurance company
  • Attempting to sell you a Medicare Advantage Plan when your intention is to stick with original Medicare and purchase supplemental insurance

Be sure you understand the difference between Medicare and supplemental insurance. Medigap, or supplemental insurance, is to be layered on top of Medicare. It is a private health insurance and is entirely optional!

Medicare.gov suggests calling the Inspector General’s hotline if you think any inappropriate or illegal action has been taken in order to convince you to purchase a program you should not have purchased. Make sure you come to the honest professionals at Ameri Quote Insurance. We are proud to serve Northern Colorado in all its insurance planning needs. Call today to learn more!