You are 26 years young and still learning how to navigate your way through life as an adult. From building up your 401 K to health insurance, there is a lot you may need to learn. However, you are young, eager, and healthy. What is there to worry about? You are never sick and rarely see the doctor so, when the time comes to start thinking about health insurance, you figure you will save the extra money and wait until a little bit later in life. Then, during your amazing weekend getaway skiing, you are involved in a serious accident. The bills are piling up, you don’t have insurance, and then fear starts to set in. How are you going to pay for all of these bills?

Although you may young and perfectly healthy, it is never a wise decision to go without insurance. Life is unpredictable. You can never know when you may become hurt or injured and stuck with never ending hospital bills. Unfortunately however, not all companies offer their employees health insurance. That is why Ameri Quote is dedicated to helping people of all ages get the health insurance they need. We diligently work with a number of major insurance carriers, such as Kaiser insurance, to provide you with the most affordable coverage options. We firmly believe that health insurance is something that no one should go without. We are here to help you make the best decision about health care based on your personal needs and lifestyle.

Regardless of your age, no one is immune to suffering from a serious illness or injury. While you may be young and less prone to illness or injury, health insurance is never something you want to gamble with. If your company does not offer health insurance and you are struggling with where to start, call and schedule an appointment with Ameri Quote insurance. We can help simplify the process and get you the right coverage.